2 Hospitality Businesses Supported By ITEC's WiFi Services

Henry Bevan, December 22, 2020

From working from home to catching up with friends, we count on WiFi and data connectivity.

WiFi is now an integral part of our lives and the hospitality sector.

At ITEC, we specialise in helping hospitality businesses achieve the WiFi they need with dedicated, bespoke services and support.

Here are two businesses we’ve supported with our WiFi service over the last couple of years...

Somerset County Cricket Club (SCCC)

SCCC is one of the leading county cricket clubs in England and Wales. It employs 80 people and hosts matches and other events at its 12,500-capacity stadium, Cooper Associates County Ground, in Taunton.

Ahead of the 2019 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, the club decided to overhaul its existing WiFi.

SCCC Middle (1)

They wanted a secure, resilient, high performance WiFi service that would allow fans to browse the internet and share their experience on social media without the connection dropping out or slowing down.

It was also essential to improve the service on non-match days, when conferences, meetings and presentations took place.

ITEC was brought in to carry out a transformation of the club’s WiFi. A team of Engineers installed a secure, resilient and superfast Aruba WiFi solution. They also replaced servers and fitted a range of state-of-the-art hardware to optimise the WiFi experience.

Using location based technology and WiFi analytics, the club now has a valuable, real-time insight into the demographics, preferences and profile of its customers

As well as improving the experience for fans and visitors, the changes implemented by ITEC helped drive revenue, resulting in the overhaul paying for itself within a matter of months.

The changes made by ITEC are backed up by outstanding 24/7 IT support, as part of its Technology Managed Service.

SCCC is now one of a handful of stadiums in the UK that can boast about its super-speed, super-secure, user-engaging WiFi.

See the full customer story about SCCC here.


Arnolfini is Bristol’s International Centre for Contemporary Arts located on the harbourside in the heart of the city. It has 600,000 visitors a year.

Before ITEC came on board, the WiFi was old, out of support and unfit for purpose. There were only eight access points and 30MB connectivity, resulting in poor coverage across the site.


All hardware, including servers and back ups systems, was old and out of warranty. The on-premise phone system was out of support, difficult to use and expensive to run.

As part of the overhaul, ITEC Engineers implemented a brand new Aruba Instant On WiFi service, taking the number of access points from eight to 25 and increasing the connectivity to 1GB of fibre optic broadband.

ITEC also kicked off the process of migrating the Arnolfini’s applications and services to a cloud-based environment, including a move to utilise Office365, One Drive and Sharepoint, with the end goal of having no onsite IT infrastructure.

To bolster connectivity even further, a new VoIP phone system was configured. Based on consultation with the Arnolfini team, the ITEC Engineers led with a softphone approach. This means there are only two handsets onsite, but that most users have an app on their mobile to allow them to make and transfer calls.

The changes have empowered Arnolfini team members to work more efficiently and flexibly, making information-led, resilient decisions with fast, reliable WiFi at their fingertips.

The improved connectivity infrastructure supports the centre’s business goals and will help deliver deeper audience engagement.

See the full customer story about Arnolfini here.

Want to follow in Arnolfini and SCCC's footsteps? Get in touch with your local ITEC connectivity experts today.


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