Do you depend on regular outbound postal communications? Make it cheaper and more efficient.


Our investment in MailaDoc means Itec can now offer you cost savings and a secure, streamlined service that delivers rapid ROI – whether you send out large or small volumes of post.


Save money

Achieve dramatic and immediate cost savings by outsourcing your outbound post to ITEC. Take advantage of our economies of scale. Avoid upfront costs – get rid of your expensive franking machine and expensive consumables and maintenance contracts.


Simplicity and ease of use

Print and post direct using familiar Microsoft applications. Easily set up complex jobs with multi-part mailings and then straightforwardly track what was sent, when, where and to whom. Integrate painlessly even with tricky legacy mail applications.


Improved productivity

Outsource to us and immediately free up your staff to focus on different and more productive tasks that can drive value for the business. Let our specialised service take care of your routine mailing needs.


Safe and secure

Build an audit trail of who posted what to whom and when. Print and mail from a secure environment in a state of the art production facility accredited to ISO 27001 (information security) standards.


Consistent service

Stay in control and ensure accountability. Access our hybrid mail service through your existing ITEC account team and continue to work with people who understand your business and are committed to your success.

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