Forward-thinking firms are implementing e-post and digital mailrooms to improve the efficiency of this routine everyday process. Digitising incoming mail lets you automate the classification and distribution of mail while standardising encourages adherence to compliance policies.


Streamline your process

Are you duplicating the handling of incoming mail across multiple sites? Now is the time to consolidate and digitise your incoming mail process for significant gains in productivity and customer service. Get post to the right place more efficiently and quickly.


Improve competitiveness

Banish the post trolley and stop more paper entering your business. Take routine work away from admin staff and even fee-earners.  Free up staff costs involved in the distribution of letters, as well as the cost and frustration entailed in resending or locating documents.


Improve client service

Accelerate the decision cycle and speed the delivery of inbound mail to the right office by intelligently scanning for client and matter references. Access information much more quickly and process files based on their urgency.


Build an audit trail

Make the process not just agile and intelligent but compliant. Track when post arrived and when it was scanned. Avoid any black holes into which documents mysteriously disappear. Automatically de-skew, de-speckle and OCR files so you can search based on context.


Flexible integration

Integrate with existing DMS (Document Management Systems) such as iManage. Tackle discrete information silos so all your information sits in one place. Configure your Digital Mailroom to match the needs of your firm.

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