Refurbished Photocopiers & Office Printers

When organisations are looking to keep office print costs to a minimum, many opt to bypass brand new machines and invest in refurbished printers and photocopiers.

The Itec Refurbishment Process

Multifunctional printers and photocopiers that have been refurbished by our technical teams, go through a detailed process, which includes being professionally inspected, stripped down, parts replaced and fully tested.

Managed Print Service for Public Sector

Step 1 - Initial Assessment

The condition of the multifunctional printer and photocopier is assessed along with its full service history; parts that need to be replaced are identified.


Step 2 - Testing

A full test of the multifunctional printer is undertaken so that additional parts that need to be replaced are highlighted and added to the initial assessment list.

A range of tests are carried out, from printing single and double sided copies through to testing of finishers.

Step 3 - Cleaning of the Machine

The next stage in the refurbishment process is to remove the interior parts from the multifunctional printer such as drums, fuser, panels and cassettes.

Excess toner and paper dust are removed using an air compressor; feed tyres as well as belts are thoroughly cleaned. In addition to cleaning, a refurbishment checklist is completed and signed by a member of the engineer team.

System Maintenance

Step 4 - Rebuild Test

Now that the necessary printer parts have been replaced and the interior and exterior cleaned, the machine is rebuilt.

Another round of testing takes place on the rebuilt machine using colour test charts, duplex copies.

Set-up procedures are performed in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations so that the machine is ready to go when delivered to its new owner.

Itec UK Print Management Software

Step 5 - Final Updates & Testing

To finalise the refurbishment process, the machine is updated with the latest firmware and a network test page is printed from a separate device to ensure the controller is fully functioning and that the interface settings work correctly. Another round of testing also takes place.

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"We were initially very cautious about the decision to lease at this scale, but the figures kept coming back positive, and revealed a year one saving on the scheme, something that we hadn’t imagined possible. That said, we are very happy with the implementation so far."

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