Professional Print Rooms

Professional print rooms provide organisations with the ability to produce high quality and high print volume output.

Itec Print Room

Setting up a Print Room

We offer training, specialist equipment, account management, project management and set-up assistance to get your print room up and running quickly.

We also:

  • Analyse your true print costs and create a strategy to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Reduce waste across a number of areas, from pre-printed inventories, inefficient machine allocation and document processes.
  • Streamline processes so you can respond quickly to your customers.
  • Improve marketing effectiveness and brand impact through document quality, consistency and personalisation.
Managed Print for Healthcare


docQmanager is a powerful professional output product; it provides simple-to-use print job management for production document printing, whether it be for a central print room, transactional print output from an IT Data Centre, or a central spooling device for managing jobs between networks.

Interested in Setting up a Print Room

If you’d like to set-up an in-house print room to lower print costs, get in contact with one of our specialists today.

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"We were initially very cautious about the decision to lease at this scale, but the figures kept coming back positive, and revealed a year one saving on the scheme, something that we hadn’t imagined possible. That said, we are very happy with the implementation so far."

Craig Judd, Parkstone Grammar School

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