Managed Print Service for Schools, Universities & Colleges

For your educational organisation, our teams will work to implement a managed print service that fits your exact needs. From conducting the initial print audits to ensure your organisation benefits from reduced-costs and streamlined processes, through to providing your team with ongoing support and assistance when they need it.

Key Features and Benefits of an ITEC Managed Print Service for Schools, Universities, Academies & Colleges

Document and Print security for legal sector

Secure Printing with Shared Print Devices

In educational organisations, large numbers of students and staff share print facilities. Our teams can implement a ‘Follow-Me’ print feature that optimises document security and control as users can log-in using a fingerprint or personal card that releases their specific print jobs. Printing confidential documents only when a user is at the print device.

Managed print service for financial sector

Staff and Student Quotas

Implement print quotas to keep track of spending and ensure your students and staff stay within their allocated budgets. Spending can be managed by student, subject or department. Currency can be changed to units, which can be useful for primary and secondary Schools.

Managed Print Service for Public Sector

Implement Rules to Reduce Print Waste

Implement best-practice print management rules that reduce waste by:

  • Reminding staff and students to print on both sides.
  • Redirecting large jobs to the most efficient printers.
  • Discourage email printing with automatic pop-ups.
  • Restricting print jobs, for instance; automatically converting student printing to greyscale.
Itec UK Print Management Software

Receive Regular Print Reports

See a detailed overview of activity across your entire print fleet by running reports, and track metrics that are important for the – you can also schedule reports that will be automatically generated when needed.

Supplier Finance Schemes

Enable Student Payment

For large education organisations such as Universities and Colleges, accepting student payments for printing, is an important aspect of effectively managing print costs. Our teams will work with you to implement and support user payments through a variety of methods that are just right for your educational organisation.

Itec Goup UK Mobile Printing

Support Staff & Students to use their own Devices

Enable staff and students to print from their own devices with our mobile printing solutions.

Tech Support

Receive Ongoing Support & Account Management

By choosing an Itec managed print services for your education organisation, you’ll receive ongoing support, assistance and account management. We’ll not only support the print devices, but we’ll also support the people behind the devices and the software.

Itec Managed Print Services

Multifunctional Print Devices

As an independent supplier, we’ll provide you with efficient and cost-saving multifunctional printers that are suited to your exact needs.

Corfe Hills School

"We are refreshing our printing infrastructure and we wanted to simplify it. Previously our printers were old and tired and out of warranty. Thanks to Itec, we have refreshed hardware; we have more power, and, generally, we now have a faster, more effective printing system than before."

Mr. Parsons, Corfe Hills School

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