Hosted Infrastructure

Delivering your IT and data as a service wherever and whenever you need it – enabling you to free up resources, improve performance and lower the cost of your IT.

Benefits to Our Customers

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Easily increase your server space to support your growing infrastructure.

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Being able to access your data at anytime, allows you to conduct business as usual, minimising downtime.

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Reduced Costs

Moving to a cloud infrastructure removes the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems in-house.

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Greater Flexibility

Allow employees to be more flexible in their work practices by enabling them to securely access data from any location.

Itec Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting

Our secure cloud hosting service provides organisations with a fast and cost-effective way of supporting their expanding IT infrastructure without taking up additional in-house resources. We can get your cloud servers up and running quickly, and we support numerous operating systems to provide you with greater flexibility.

Pay in affordable monthly installments and scale up as and when it’s needed.

Datacentre Colocation

Colocation and Data Centre Services

Our on-site data centre contains rack space in various configurations and resilient power systems, as well as a backup generator to keep our customers’ servers up and running 24/7. Moving your IT infrastructure to our secure colocation facility removes the need to manage and staff your in-house server rooms, therefore reducing costs.

Email Security

Email Security

Our email security software prevents viruses reaching your network and offers two layers of protection by scanning both incoming and outgoing email. With some of the best possible spam detection rates, and the lowest possible false positive rates in the industry, our solution additionally offers recipient verification and content filtering functionality.

Server Hosting

Custom Hybrid Hosting Configurations

Whether you require all of your infrastructure onsite, fully hosted or via a hybrid configuration, we can provide you with a solution that’s right for your needs. We can quickly transition from onsite hosting to a fully cloud hosted solution via a Hybrid configuration.

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System Monitoring

From small websites to large enterprise IT infrastructures, our monitoring software contains all of the functionality required to gain an in-depth analysis of your network and servers. With instant alerts to notify you when your attention is required, our responsive software will reduce downtime and system outages.

Performance and utilisation trends can clearly be identified by logging 12 months of monitoring data; allowing upgrade and investment decisions to be made with certainty.

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