Case Study

Revamping Sheldon School’s printing strategy


In the last 12 months, Sheldon School has radically re-thought its printing strategy with the goal of saving at least £30,000 in annual costs including parts, supplies and maintenance. The school chose ITEC as its partner even though ITEC was not on the procurement framework that the school had chosen to use.

The Customer

Sheldon School is a large Academy in Chippenham, Wiltshire, with 1800 students and 250 staff. The school also works closely with Hardenhuish School, a nearby but separate Academy, which happens to be another ITEC customer.

The Challenge

Just a few years back, the school had 96 printing devices in use. These were a mixture of devices leased from Canon on many different contracts, plus a variety of desktop printers. The number of different models in this disparate fleet was proving hard to manage – with cupboards crammed with toners and spare parts. As the machines aged, so the problems got worse.

The school’s business manager James Couchman saw an opportunity to rationalise the printer fleet and in the process to make substantial savings for the school. He spoke to Hardenhuish School which is an ITEC customer and this led him to ask in ITEC for initial discussions about a Managed Print service. Encouraged by the conversation with ITEC, the next step was a comprehensive Feasibility Study and extensive consultation with staff on a proposed solution led by Sheldon’s Assistant Network Manager Tom Dawson.

The Solution

Fast forward 12 months, and the school has succeeding in hitting its cost savings target. This has meant rationalising the printing fleet so the school now has 33 Ricoh and Lexmark devices on a five-year contract with ITEC.

ITEC came strongly recommended by Hardenhuish School although ITEC did not feature on the procurement framework that Sheldon School decided to use. Even so, ITEC was given the opportunity to quote and its offer was judged best value.

Since the contract was awarded in 2016, James Couchman says ITEC’s training and support have been “superb” and he describes ITEC’s approach to account management as “highly responsive and on the ball.”

Previously, the school had Paper Cut software in place but had made very limited use of this just to compile end of year reports on usage. Now PaperCut drives monthly reports to budget-holders that show precise breakdown of usage by user. This helps faculty heads manage their costs more effectively.

Smarter use of PaperCut has led to other benefits as Tom Dawson explains:
“Sometimes jobs are forgotten about and never released from the print queue which helps reduce unnecessary printing. And staff have remote access from home, so they can send to print from home and collect when they are next in school.”

ITEC has signed up for the school’s Sheldon Associates programme which aims to bring businesses and the school closer together, better connecting the school’s students with the world of work.

Smarter Working

We have radically shrunk the number of print devices in use across the school, which has cut down on time we had to spend on maintaining an ageing fleet. This has freed up our IT team to do different and more productive activities.


At a time when cost pressures on schools are fierce, we have made big savings in this area. Budget-holders have a sharper insight into their print activity and this allows them to manage their departments even more effectively.