Case Study

Recruitment agency flourishes with ITEC


Red Berry Recruitment is a fast-growing company that has worked with ITEC to manage the IT pains that come with rapid success. ITEC has helped Red Berry to print more efficiently, to put in place robust business continuity measures and to provide support that identifies issues and fixes them before they become business problems.


The Customer

Red Berry Recruitment is a casebook example of a fast-growing company that is successfully managing the growing pains that come with rapid success.

Established in 2007, Red Berry is an award-winning recruitment agency covering Somerset, Dorset and the South-West. The company has offices in Shepton Mallet, Yeovil and Bridgwater, with active plans for more.

The Challenge

As the company began to accelerate, it faced a number of challenges that were causing business headaches. At core, the IT and office technology was not keeping pace with the company’s dynamic development.

IT issues weren’t being resolved quickly enough and were starting to hamper staff efficiency. When it came to printing vital documents, the company’s multi-functional printing devices were proving unreliable, costly and starting to cause frustration.

In IT terms, Red Berry – like many companies – had equipment from multiple vendors and suppliers. When things went wrong, they discovered that one supplier often pointed the finger of blame at another – with no-one taking responsibility for sorting out the problem.

Business continuity was another cause for concern. Backups were not being tested so no-one knew what information would be restored in case of a disaster. Alarm bells were ringing – the company needed a new partner that could keep pace with Red Berry’s growth and the number of employees.

The Solution

ITEC began by carrying out print and IT audits to identify gaps. The next stage was to work closely with Red Berry to design and implement a complete solution to meet all the company’s existing and future business requirements. This included a fleet of market leading multi-functional devices that were more suited to the needs of Red Berry staff.

A fundamental ‘ask’ of ITEC was to remove all headaches caused by internal IT issues. Managing Director Helen Lacey was particularly keen on ITEC’s model which gives a customer a single point of contact across all aspects of the ITEC service – MFD printers, IT support and business continuity.

Having this single point of contact for all issues has alleviated a lot of the previous issues. Previously, MD Helen had spent time with suppliers blaming each other for systems not working. Today, everything is managed by ITEC, so staff can focus on what they do best – running a dynamic recruitment agency.

In Helen Lacey’s words: “The IT support service we now receive is far superior than before – for the same price. We have access to unlimited calls to a 24/7 helpdesk ensuring that problems are resolved whenever the business is working, whether on a week day or weekend. Most importantly no matter what time of the day it is, if there is a business-critical issue there will be someone there in person within a guaranteed four hours.”

ITEC also brought peace of mind by putting in place efficient and cost effective back-ups to ITEC’s own data centre. Red Berry now benefits from proactive maintenance and regular testing of backups – this means that issues are often resolved before a user experiences problems. Preventative maintenance is also undertaken out-of-hours on a monthly basis to ensure servers and network devices are working at optimum levels.

Technology now supports Red Berry’s growth, rather than getting in the way. With the company poised to open another new office in the near future, Red Berry is set to flourish.

Smarter Working

The big win is that our hard-working ‘Berries’ can get on with what they are brilliant at – offering a professional, friendly, passionate service to employers and job-seekers. Technology is there to support them and make their lives easier – but not to cause frustrations or get in the way.


We can fix problems quickly, no matter what day of the week they occur. We can even identify issues and proactively fix them before they become problems. So our technology – from office printers to backup systems – runs smoothly and efficiently. We benefit from a single point of contact at ITEC across the range of services they provide and this translates into fast, effective response.