Case Study

ITEC transforms Managed Print at the Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust


The Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust has transformed its approach to printing, moving from a plethora of local printers to a controlled and managed model. This has led to less printing and, as a direct result, substantial cost savings. With ITEC’s help the Trust is now taking this approach to the next level and – as schools within the Trust are networked and connected together – the Trust is enabling seamless printing across any school within the group.

The Customer

ITEC transforms Managed Print at the Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust Logo

The Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust was established in 2010 with the aim of creating an outstanding educational experience for children in Exeter.

This has grown into a 5-school Multi Academy Trust that is now responsible for the education of 3,000 children aged 2 to 16. The Trust includes three secondary schools (Isca, St James School and West Exe), one all-through campus (Cranbrook Education Campus which opened in 2015) and a large primary school.

The Challenge

ITEC transforms Managed Print at the Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust Logo

Printing is a vital activity for schools but not all schools appreciate the savings to be made by adopting technology that provides a controlled approach to those requirements. Schools often end up with too many printers on too many desks, making it difficult to manage costs while the task of maintaining those machines eats up time, money and energy.

There are cultural obstacles here, too. Accustomed to this way of working, users tended to be protective of these devices, wanting to keep a printer on their desktop – even though many of those devices were aging and prone to failure. It’s a challenge to school’s IT leadership to migrate users to a better solution and show there is a smarter way of doing things.

At West Exe, for example, there used to 70 printers in use, and the costs to maintain, service and eventually replace that number of devices were onerous. Too much cost was tied up in that decentralised model. The Trust was therefore keen to identify a more consolidated approach that would allow it to reduce costs but also improve the reliability of service to staff and students alike.

The Solution

ITEC transforms Managed Print at the Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust Logo

Working with ITEC, the Trust has introduced a highly effective Managed Print service and is now extending this across multiple Trust sites.

When it comes to technology in a school environment,“ says Tom Evans, Technical Systems Manager, “the key considerations are almost always how to make it as easy as possible to use while at the same time delivering cost savings and maximising the use of resources.”

Even a medium-sized school will print upwards of 100,000 pages a month, so this is an area that offers opportunities for new thinking to optimise effectiveness. Working with ITEC, the Trust has put in place a smaller number of more reliable Ricoh MFDs. West Exe, for example, has moved from that fleet of 70 printers to 15 MFDs that are distinctly more economical to run and maintain.

Although users were at first reluctant to give up the printer on their desktop, the change has been positively received. The improvements in reliability translate into a smoother working day. One benefit is that the new configuration means that a staff member can send to print and then collect from any MFD location throughout the school.

Now, the printing process is much more visible to users. Each user has an allowance and each time they print the system informs them what costs they have just incurred. This has served to nudge users – students and staff alike – into new behaviours, leading to less unnecessary printing and wastage of paper and toner. Printing is in mono by default although staff can opt to print in colour when required.

Security is substantially improved since print jobs are only released when a user is standing next to the relevant printer, reducing the chances of sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands. ITEC is widely acknowledged for its expertise with PaperCut software and this is driving the new approach – which Tom Evans describes as easy and straightforward for staff to use.

The Trust has a rigorous approach to its different cost centres. A print job is re-charged to individual departments so each head of department has a clear view of the printing costs his or her department is incurring,

With ITEC’s help the Trust is taking this to the next stage and enabling printing through one common system across any of the five schools within the group. To enable this, ITEC has re-built the Paper Cut print server inside the data centre and this connects to local print servers inside each school. Tom Evans describes ITEC’s support throughout this process as “superb and highly professional.”

Staff will once again benefit from this transformation since many of the Trust’s staff have to work at more than one school within the Trust’s network.

These changes have helped to establish the reputation of the Trust as one that uses technology in imaginative and innovative ways to achieve what many schools regard as the holy grail – improving the service to users and at the same time driving down costs in a sustainable manner.

Smarter Working

The new printing platform is more reliable and more secure. Costs are transparent to users which encourages users to ask themselves – Do I really need to print this? This has led to sustainable changes in behaviour across the school.


We have less printers to maintain which takes headaches away from the IT team. The new printing environment is more reliable and has proved popular with users – especially those who move between locations and between schools. Overall, the reduction in everyday printing hassles means we can concentrate on our real jobs.