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HR Administrator

Purpose of the job

To assist the Personnel Services Manager in all/any activities that are necessary to promote a valuable service to the employees.  To support all the Senior Management Team in the delivery of their roles and objectives.


Main duties

  • To organise and update on a regular basis the holiday, training and sickness chart for the whole Company.
  • To help with all miscellaneous items relevant to the upkeep of all the premises owned/leased by ITEC.
  • To ensure that we possess current Employers Liability Certificates for any sub-contractors whom we instruct to complete work.
  • To assist with all health & safety issues relevant to the employees and premises.
  • To assist in securing new Employees via Job Centres/Internet/Agencies. To ensure a planned and effective start for that employee. To sit on interview panel when required.
  • To assist in the updating of all Employees information and the circulation of such.
  • To co-ordinate and arrange Management Meetings.
  • To escalate problem areas to the Manager promptly.
  • To control, monitor and re-order stock levels of stationery and consumables.
  • To order uniform for staff members and keep a log of existing items.
  • To assist in the Appraisal of all Staff and organising of any subsequent training requirements.
  • To assist in times of sickness and/or holiday with Company Vehicles, Hotel booking, Post incoming and outgoing and meet and greet services.
  • To assist the Personnel Services Manager in all such duties that may from time to time be necessary to deliver a successful service to all employees.


Key working relationships include

Personnel Services Manager – keeping the Personnel Services Manager updated regularly on all activities undertaken and/or progress of such.

All employees – when instructed to do so, informing all ITEC employees of any changes in Company Policy or any relevant Health & Safety information.


General responsibilities

  • To support your colleagues, wherever practicable, to ensure they meet their objectives.
  • To support the Board of Directors and Management Team in delivering change that benefits the business as a whole.
  • To adhere to ITEC’s Equal Opportunities policy in all activities, and to actively promote equality of opportunity wherever possible.
  • To be responsible for your own health and safety and that of your colleagues, in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and relevant EC directives.
  • To work in accordance with the Data Protection Act (soon GDPR) and to ensure that all new systems are reported to your Data Protection Controller.
  • To undertake such other duties as may be reasonably expected.
  • To provide a healthy and comfortable working environment, smoking is prohibited throughout the Company’s premises, except in specially designated areas.

Product Marketing Manager

This is a brand-new role. You will report to the Marketing Director. You will also work closely with ITEC’s Group Sales Director and interact frequently with the ITEC sales team in the territories in which we operate. The role is based in our Bristol headquarters; there will be occasional travel to our other offices.

The remit for this role breaks down into three distinct areas (each area has equal importance):

  1. Build strong relationships with the companies whose products we resell.
  2. Work closely with our sales team to help them achieve their targets.
  3. Drive awareness externally among customers and prospects of our propositions in the Managed Print Services and Document Workflow areas.


Relationships with vendors

The key goals here include:

  • Maximise our access to the MDF (Marketing Development Funds) that vendors make available to their resellers.
  • Build strong relationships so we can, as appropriate, pull in vendors to our pre-sales efforts so we close more deals. This might also include negotiating special pricing and bid support.
  • Ensure we get a good flow of leads via vendor web sites.
  • Track our reseller certification so we maximise our margins.


Working with the ITEC sales team

It’s vital the sales team are confident about selling sometimes complex propositions. The key goals here include:

  • Ensure sales team have access to persuasive category and product messaging, and develop content that will help the sales team do their job even more effectively.
  • Take responsibility for internal training programmes designed to upskill our sales team.
  • Provide active help with larger bids and proposals.
  • Make it easier to cross-sell ITEC services to Mailadoc clients.
  • Manage the existing marketing of the Mailadoc service (including web presence and Google AdWords campaigns).
  • Manage presence at any external shows/exhibitions as well as any ITEC events relevant to MPS and DCW.


Driving External Awareness

  • Drive external marketing programmes in specific support of MPS and DCW
  • These will likely include email marketing, social media, F2F events and, in particular, webinars.
  • Develop case studies that showcase our expertise.
  • Work closely with the Digital Marketing Manager to implement and deliver campaigns.


Experience and Personal Qualities

You must have at least 3-4 years of experience in marketing and/or sales roles, ideally in a technology environment.

Attitude and mind-set are key since ITEC is a fast-moving environment. People who do well at ITEC tend to be confident, hardworking, professional and dynamic.

You are likely to be:

  • A self-starter who is highly motivated. You’re not the kind of person who sits around waiting to be told what to do. Instead, you are capable of taking an idea and making it happen.
  • Able to from solid working relationships with sales people. This means you understand how sales people work and how to manage their expectations.
  • Be confident when it comes to technology. We don’t expect you to be a technical guru but you must be able to grasp the fundamentals of a range of different technologies and pinpoint the business benefits.
  • Persuasive as well as financially competent. For example, you’ll be submitting funding proposals to manufacturers.
  • Prepared to roll up your sleeves and make things happen. The buck often stops with you. From the CEO down, the ITEC approach is very hands-on and about getting stuck in.
  • Passionate and determined to succeed.

If you think this sounds like the perfect role for you, please send your CV and cover note to

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